How do you use the Google cloud?
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Google Cloud is a cloud based Platform developed and maintained by Google which provides its users with a set of virtual space and computational resources to build, develop and execute a project. Google cloud is a paid service which is used by people all round the world in order to access a whole array of computational resource and analysis tools to build their projects. Anyone who wishes to use Google Cloud platform first have to register at their official website and pay a fee via credit card or any other online payment mechanism to sue Google Cloud platform.
A Google Cloud is a set of hard disks, virtual machines,, storage devices, servers and computational computers which are physically stored in Google data centres but are available to any one who uses Google Cloud through high speed internet. This distributed system offers a lot of advantage such as less risky infrastructure, distributed information which makes it difficult to information loss via hacking and multiple storage areas. It also gives benefit of best possible use of space.
In order to use Google Platform for Cloud based architecture, you must be having a project that you want to build using this architecture. You must describe the details of your projects of what it does and what products and services will it use which are provided by Google Cloud. Each project has a name, a project ID and a project number to uniquely identitfy the project. Once you have defined your project and the services used by it, Google Cloud will provide you with the Project ID and the server space to store your project and related data in it. You will be given access to use the resources required to build your project.
In case of any technical help, you can contact Google Cloud support team. They will help you to resolve your queries. You can wither use Google support number or can write the email to support@google .com describing your queries

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